Bulk Materials ยป Soil, Compost Mulch, and More

Bulk MaterialsTop quality bulk materials are available for every project, regardless of the size! We stock only the best mulch, topsoil, and compost, to give you the best results possible. The mulch we stock is our Custom Triple Ground Hardwood, which offers the highest nutrient return back to the soil below it.

Our compost is OMRI Certified Organic and an extremely versatile soil amendment, to loosen and enhance your existing soil. A blend of topsoil and compost, known as Garden Mix can be provided upon request. All bulk materials can be loaded in open-bed vehicles or conveniently delivery directly to your home or business. We can even install the materials for you!

If you fail to find the exact material suitable for your needs, give us a call at 847/662-1800, and we will make every effort to locate it for you.

Prices vary depending on the item and delivery location. Contact us for a quote.