FAQ’s ยป Landscaping Frequently Asked Questions

How much money should I budget for new landscaping?
Because projects vary greatly in complexity and size, it’s difficult to know ahead of time what the cost will be until the project is scoped out with an estimate. Some sources you’ll find recommend investing 10% of your home’s present value in landscaping, however, high quality improvements can be made with virtually any budget. Decide what you can afford to set aside and create a project that works within that amount.

Is there a big difference in results between stamped concrete, brick pavement, and natural stone? Which is best?
Many of the most common landscape components are “hardscape” features, such as walkways, driveways, retaining walls, patios and pools. While some may advocate stamped concrete as a lower-cost alternative to brick or stone, it has many disadvantages in the long term. We prefer to use pavers whenever possible. VM Landscaping & Nursery has extensive experience working with natural stone.

I want to do my own landscaping, lawn care, or gardening; where do I start?
Start with the tasks and areas where you feel completely comfortable working on your own and be sure to gather some resources such as books and online research. When you reach a point where you feel unsure or need additional supplies, contact VM Landscaping & Nursery Company to help you professionally complete all your landscaping goals.

Can you install artificial plants?
Yes! If you cannot have live plants in your indoor space for whatever reason, we can use silk flowers, wax leaves, and synthetic soil to create the look you’re going for.

What are some benefits of indoor plants?
The benefits of plants outweigh the costs. Plants are hard at work in offices all over reducing stress, office noise, improving a corporate image, and helping to improve interior space with cleaner air and a healthier environment.