What We Offer

Landscape Maintenance Services

Even a well-planned and healthy landscape requires proper management and maintenance. VM Landscaping can provide weekly maintenance service and accommodate any size or type of residential or commercial customer. Our crew addresses all the basics of maintenance, such as:

  • Spring and Fall Clean Ups
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Mulching/Plant Transplanting
  • Pruning of Ornamental Trees & Shrubs
  • Cultivating and Edging Landscape Beds
  • Repair and Service Sprinkler Systems

VM Landscaping closely monitors your property, checking the health of your landscape and making the needed recommendations for proper care. Choose VM Landscaping as your number one weekly choice for all-encompassing, expert management of your landscape.


Landscape Design

VM Landscaping & Nursery Company specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial landscape design. We will work with you from the initial consultation through the completion of the project.

Forty years of experience in landscape design enables US to assist YOU in selecting the perfect material & location for any type of landscaping project.

Landscape & Hardscape Construction

Our construction crews at VM Landscaping & Nursery Company are fully versed in all aspects of installing hard and soft scapes, even when not working with a VM design. Projects of every size & budget, whether commercial or residential, are within the scope of our expert installation crews. Our thoroughly trained & highly experienced installation crews adapt to any obstacles & produce an astonishing landscape. We have been providing quality craftsmanship second to none since 1969.

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Landscaping Transplanting

Landscaping Transplanting

At VM Landscaping & Nursery, we offer expert transplanting services for any size, shape, or type of landscaping product. Transplanting appears an easy task. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Many transplants die due to improper transplanting. Many steps need to be taken to improve the likelihood of survival.

At VM Landscaping & Nursery Company, we have the experience and knowledge to effectively execute this task and the guarantee to back it up!

Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Are you looking to beautifully light up your outdoors while not consuming a ton of electricity? We offer the perfect outdoor low voltage lighting services that are perfect for all your needs. Choose from our wide variety of lighting options today to keep your outdoors shining bright and looking gorgeous throughout the night.


Irrigation Service & Repair

Once you have your dream landscape in place, it can sometimes be hard to maintain it regularly. Watering the vast expanse well with just the right amount is a challenge most property owners face. We are here to help you. With our exceptional irrigation service and repair services at VM landscaping and Nursery, you can leave the job to us and be free of worry.


With all the dirt accumulated in the crevices, we know just how hard brick patios can be to clean and maintain. But don’t you worry, we are here to provide you the perfect power washing solutions for your brick patio. We also install patios and service walks and maintain them.

power wash

Get Expert Advice

With hundreds of different varieties of trees, shrubs, and evergreens, we are sure to have something for everyone!
Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help decide on what is best for each particular area based on nature’s requirements and your personal preferences. Delivery and Installation services are also available to ensure everyone can have a beautifully landscaped yard.

Choosing a variety best suited to your needs requires a little planning- know your soil type and light conditions as well as the dimensions of the site area. Proper spacing is essential for the plants to achieve their full maturity.

Many trees and shrubs offer the added feature of seasonal interest with spring flowers or outstanding fall color.

We display a broad range of choices, whether deciduous or evergreen, that will enhance your current landscape.

Trees and shrubs are the stabilizing elements in the home landscape. They provide privacy, shade, and wind protection. Their ornamental qualities add value to the property and pride for the homeowner.
Most nursery plant material is available in a manageable container for the home gardener.

However, our larger material is Balled & Burlapped field dug for instant gratification. We can deliver it for your weekend project, or we can install it for you. Our knowledgeable, trained staff is on hand to help with your selection.